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One of the pleasures I've gained whilst creating this website is the personal contact over the years, not only with the current crop of Hammers players (First Team down to the Youth players) but also the Ex-Hammers, players such as ALAN DICKIE (1962 - 1965) and MARK SMITH (1979). Both ex-players were the first to entrust to be photographed their most prized possessions, their Medals and Trophies won whilst with the Hammers. They have given permission to allowed their items to be displayed to a much wider audience on the "West Ham United Memorabilia Collection" website.

To be able to get a close-up view of these awards and mementoes the players received, games such as the "Andrews Cup", "Winchester Cup" and also the "Forest Division" League, and in more recent times the "South East Counties League" are priceless as these Competitions and Leagues have long since gone.

Over the years more-and-more players medals and mementoes have found there way onto the auction catalogues and have subsequently been bought by collectors, never to be seen again.

Goalkeeper Jim Standen's 1965 European Cup Winners' Cup medal was sold at Christie's auction back in 1994. Fortunately for us an image was secured. More recently Frank Piercy's Nine carat gold medal from 1923, given by the club to their assistant trainer to commemorate reaching the F.A. Cup Final and winning promotion to the First Division in the same year went under the Hammer (pardon the pun).

Do you have in your possession an item of interest, you may be a family member of an ex-player, you may even have bought such an item in the past from an auction house or indeed you are one of the many Ex-Hammers players over the years who have contributed in the success of the club, please help us by sharing an image from the "Big Day".


If you can help us preserve and display an item from West Ham United's past rich heritage of memorabilia so the world can enjoy.

Please, please get in touch, email:


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