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Medals and Trophies  1946 - 1980 ...

Hurst Medal 01 Programme Hurst Medal 02


1967 Evening Standard London Five-A-Side

1958 Andrews Cup 1958 Andrews Cup Final v. Leyton Youth

Medal awarded to Jack Burkett

Football Association

West Ham United v. England Youth

Upton Park : 10th November 1958

58_11_10 WHU v. England Youth XI 1958 FA Dish v. England Youth

Awarded to Jack Burkett

Royal Crown Derby Bone China Dish awarded by the

Football Association to the West Ham United players

The Andrews Cup Final 1958

West Ham United v. Leyton Youth FC Juniors

Upton Park : 10th November 1958

Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final 1958-59

Chelsea 0 - 1 West Ham United

Stamford Bridge : 14th October 1959

59_10_14 Chelsea v. WHU SJFC 58-59 Final Southern Junior Final 1958

The 1958-59 Final was deferred to the following season:

Reader, Cripps, Burkett, Bovington, Moore, Hurst, Woodley, Cartwright, Beesley, Smillie, Scott

Awarded to Jack Burkett

South East Counties League Cup Finalists 1959-60

Arsenal 3 - 2 West Ham United

Highbury : 30th April 1960

60_04_30 Arsenal v. WHU SECL Final 1960 SECL Cup Finalists

Awarded to Jack Burkett

American International Soccer League

Recife (Brazil) 1 - 1 West Ham United

Randalls Island Stadium, New York : 26th June 1963

Player Tour pennants given to Jack Burkett 

1963 Recife Pennant Recife Pennant No.1