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1970 FIFA World Cup : Mexico ...

The 1970 FIFA World Cup, the ninth staging of the World Cup, was held in Mexico, from 31 May to 21 June. Mexico was chosen as the host nation by FIFA in October 1964. The 1970 tournament was the first World Cup hosted in North America, and the first held outside South America and Europe. In a match-up of two-time World Cup champions, the final was won by Brazil, who beat Italy 4-1. With their third World Cup triumph, Brazil were allowed to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently.


The Brazilian team, featuring Pelé (who was in his fourth and final World Cup), Carlos Alberto, Clodoaldo, Gérson, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Tostão, is usually regarded as the greatest attacking World Cup team ever. They won all of their 6 games on the way to the title, and had also won all of their 6 qualifying games on their way to Mexico. This tournament saw the return of free-flowing, attacking play after the physical battles of 1962 and 1966, and is still considered by many fans to be the finest World Cup in history.

1974 World Cup

PANINI Publishing Ltd

MEXICO 70 Campeonato Mundial De Futbol

pani004 pani004c - Mexico 70 Wrapper

Coloured, unnumbered series of player portraits. This edition is usually seen with ENGLISH - FRENCH - GERMAN text in RED on the reverse.


The Rare Italian edition cards can be found with GREEN text on reverse.

Size 75x53mm   PRICE GUIDE: £2.00 Red text  -  £5.00 Green text



PANINI (Italy)

pani005 - Moore VIP

Italian issue. Coloured, numbered series of caricatures of which only a few relate to football. Special album issued to accompany the series. Inscribed on reverse "Pinted in Italy by Edizioni Panini - Modena"

Size 69x48mm    PRICE GUIDE: £4.00


Teams: 16

Date: 31 May 1970 to 21 June 1970

Final: 21 June 1970

Matches: 32

Goals Scored: 95 (average 3.0 per match)

Attendance: 1,603,975 (average 50,124)

Winner: Brazil

Runners-Up: Italy

Third: West Germany

Fourth: Uruguay

Golden Shoe: Gerd MUELLER (West Germany)

1966 World Cup

BAB (Souvenir Company)

161. Bobby Moore

1970 World Cup Stars

bab005 - Bobby Moore England

Anonymous series of 12, 1970 World Cup player circles. Round stickers with the player's

head and name above and Counntry below image. Plain backs. Very rare!

Size 60mm dia.      PRICE GUIDE: £12.00

James Vance Travel


Travel Brochure

1970 World Cup travel brochure consisting of 6 pages with Geoff Hurst pictured on the cover. itinerary of all the available tours to Mexico and their costs with a message from Geoff Hurst of West Ham Unitedand England on the reverse.

uruguay001 - Bobby Moore


(Country of Origin)

1970 World Cup Players

Anonymous series of 100?, 1970 World Cup players printed onto Tin Plate circles. Round with the player's head and name and Counntry around image.

Plain backs. Very rare!

Size 38mm dia.    PRICE GUIDE: £8.00

Bobby Moore : England

97. Bobby Moore : Inglaterra



World Cup 1970 : Learn the Game

Numbered series of 48 cards. Line drawings, depicting various skills and aspects of the game, with descriptive text. Inscribed on front "LEARN THE GAME", playing colours of World Cup teams to reverse.

Size 77x56mm    PRICE GUIDE: £1.00

find002 Geoff Hurst find001 - Bobby Moore

FINDIS (Foods)

Chosen for England Badge

fks004d Album fks004c Wrapper fks004a - Bobby Moore fks004 - Geoff Hurst fks004b - Martin Peters

4. Bobby Moore                                     12. Geoff Hurst                                      18. Martin Peters


Coloured, numbered series of 272 stickers. Sold in envelope packets containing seven stamps for 6d.

A special album was issued to coincide with the World Cup priced 2s 6d, including the 30-man England squad and 16 players from each of the other qualifying countries.

Size 71x50mm     PRICE GUIDE: £1.50     WRAPPER £10.00


Mexico 70 World Cup Soccer Stars


Printed by: The Berkshire Printing Co. Ltd. Reading, England

Published by: F.K.S. Publishers Ltd. 18 Soho Square, London

13. Geoff Hurst                                                18. Bobby Moore                                                 23. Martin Peters

dami003 - Geoff Hurst

DAILY MAIL (Newspaper)

World Cup Wallchart

Coloured, unnumbered series of 28 stickers. Daily Mail produced a large colour World Cup Wallchart.

The wallchart however only has spaces for the 22 members of the England squad. Issued as a single sheet.

Size         PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

DAILY SKETCH (Newspaper)

Mexico 70

Coloured, numbered series of 40 cards. Cards issued in strips of 5 players by collecting special coupons which appeared in the Daily Sketch. England World Cup candidates plus international stars. 16 page album issued to accompany the series.

Size when cut 68x36mm  PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

dask004 - Album dask001 - Bobby Moore dask003 - Martin Peters dask002 - Geoff Hurst

1. Bobby Moore

England's most successful captain. He not only led the side to World Cup victory, but captained West Ham when they won the F.A. Cup and European Cup Winners' Cup in successive seasons. Sir Alf Ramsey, who uses superlatives like a miser uses money, calls him "Magnificent". From a boy he was destined for success. He was an England youth international at centre-half, a postion he is sometimes forced to play for his club. His international career started in Lima where England played Peru in 1962. He has played in every world Cup match since.

32. Geoff Hurst

Thirty-two caps. son of a professional footballer, and born at Aston-under-Lyne. Hurst earned his first cap in 1966. He didn't make the World Cup team until the quarter-final against Argentina and at once hit the headlines by scoring the winning goal. From this spectacular springboard he dived into the World Cup record books by becoming the only player ever to score three goals in a final (against west Germany). Hurst began his playing days at West Ham as a wing-half, but became a strong and brilliant front runner.

33. Martin Peters

Earned his first of 32 England caps just before the last World Cup, scored the second goal against west Germany in the final. Born at Plaistow, played as a schoolboy for Dagenham, London, Essex and England. Joined West Ham as an apprentice professional in May 1959 and made his first Football League appearance against Cardiff City on Good Friday 1962. as a player Peters is athletic rather than muscular and although he spends most of his time playing deep he almost slides into dangerous positions. Once in range he has a "killer" shot. If he reaches his peak in Mexico he could become one of the most outstanding world Cup players.


abc073 plus

Unnumbered series of 37 cards. Gold borders, with World Cup illustration at right base corner to front. BLACK and PURPLE BACK.

Size 81x56mm - Two variations

Embossed World Cup at base - PRICE GUIDE: £4.00

NOT Embossed - PRICE GUIDE: £6.00



samm010 - Wrapper samm001 samm002 samm003 samm004 samm005 samm006 samm007 samm009

Fussall-Weltmeisterschaft 1966

Bobby Moore exchanges pennants with Uwe Seeler

Terry Paine & Martin Peters

Wolfgang Weber scores to make it 2-2

Bobby Moore appeals

Bobby Moore collects World Cup from Her Majesty the Queen

WC 1970 WC 1970 Moore WC 1970 Peters WC 1970 Hurst



Park Drive Park Drive Moore Park Drive Hurst Park Drive Peters


Weltmeisterschafts Mexico 70

berg001 - Bobby Moore berg001 - Bobby Moore - Back berg002 - England

34. Bobby Moore

71. England


Fussballweisterschaft Mexico 70

berg003 - Martin Peters berg004 - Geoff Hurst berg003 - Martin Peters - back

83. Martin Peters

84. Geoff Hurst


1970 World Cup Wallchart

ipc008b - wallchart

Series of 4 gummed backed paper inserts for insertion onto wallchart. Two sheets consist 4 World Cup players and country flags, the other two sheets just 4 World Cup players.

Given free with the Valiant comic.

Player size when cut: 67x42mm - Flags: 19x14mm

Bobby Moore

DAILY SKETCH (Newspaper)

World Cup Transfers

Coloured, series of 28 World Cup player transfers. Issued as two sheets of 14 players.

Size when cut: 38x38mm     PRICE GUIDE: £5.00


dask005 - World Cup Transfers



Dick Bruijnesteijn was a Dutch comic artist and cartoonist. In his work, sport was a recurrent theme. In the 1970's and 80's he had a daily newspaper strip in many Dutch newspapers with Appie Happie, a comic about a football team, which he gained his greatest fame.  

dutch001 - Bobby Moore

World Cup Footballers

semic001 - Geoff Hurst semic003 - Martin Peters semic002 - Bobby Moore semic002 - Bobby Moore back


Similar set of 272 stickers to the FKS Publishers Ltd version above.

Sticker numbers are different.


Fotboll-VM 70

88. Geoff Hurst                                                                                                91. Bobby Moore                                94. Martin Peters

dami002 - Bobby Moore

World Cup Souvenir

"OK VIP" Collection

Sir Alf Ramsey's World Cup Guide


Mexico 1970


editorial001 - Bobby Moore Mexico 1970

4. Bobby Moore


Argentina flag Argentina - Geoff Hurst Argentina - Geoff Hurst back Germany flag Netherlands flag Spain flag Sweden flag Germany flag Italy flag Uruguay flag Argentina - Martin Peters

5. Martin Peters

9. Geoff Hurst

ANONYMOUS (Yugoslavia)

1970 World Cup

Anonymous series of ?, This set was issued in Eastern Europe (possible Yugoslavia)


anoy031 Bobby Moore (Yugoslavia) Yugoslavia flag

4. Bobby Moore


Gum Wrapper

anoy032 Gum Wrapper

Image courtesy of Mark Avenell


IX Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft Mexico 70

Unnumbered series of 96 cards

Germany flag hits001 - Bobby Moore hits002 - Martin Peters

Bobby Moore

Martin Peters


Uruguay issue similar to the F.K.S. series. Coloured, numbered series of 350 stickers. Three back colour variations, blue, orange and pink.


Album Mexico 70

Uruguay flag Novedades004 - Album Novedades001 - Geoff Hurst Novedades002 - Bobby Moore

135. Geoff Hurst

138. Bobby Moore

Image courtesy of Amsugar

Image courtesy of Mark Avenell


Series of 40 stickers


WM-Affischen (WM-Poster)

Sweden flag wifo002 - Bobby Moore wifo001 - Geoff Hurst

27. Geoff Hurst                                                                                                  28. Bobby Moore