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1969-70 Season Memorabilia ...


Action Man - Famous Football Clubs : West Ham United

pali003 - Leaflet pali004

Black and white leaflet issued with the Action Man figure.

Size: 700x200mm   PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

International Football Stars : Package Issue

typh013 - Bobby Moore typh013 - Package

Black and white, numbered series of 24 International Football Stars. Tea package design.

Size 115x45mm    PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

typh013 - back

International Football Stars : Premium Issue


Any 12 from the series could be exchanged for one from the large size Premium Issue below

typh014 - Moore Premium bab006 - Bobby Moore

B.A.B (Souvenir Company)

Unknown - Player Shield (circa 1970)

I've attributed this shield shaped sticker to BAB.

Any information gratefully received


J.J. FREEMAN (Manikin Cigars)

Coloured, numbered series of Football Chaallenge cards. Two base wording variations of these scarce cards exist.

a) 7 player pictures in Manikin 10's pack : b) "Manikin Cigars"

Size: 75x39mm    PRICE GUIDE: £10.00

Football Challenge

11. Bobby Moore                                                                                      17. Martin Peters                                  25. Geoff Hurst

Anglo Confectionery Ltd

Football Stars

Unnumbered series of 84 cards. Player portrait to front with football quiz questions in BLUE text to reverse.

Size 77x56mm     PRICE GUIDE £1.25

ango001 ango wrapper

Martin Peters


The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action

Coloured, numbered series of 330 action portraits. Similar in style to the previous year's album priced 2s 6d, except this time the player biographies are no longer printed on the backs of the stickers. The now familiar phrase 'A full biography of this player will be found in the appropriate space in the album' first appeared. Sold in envelope packets containing seven stamps for 6d.

Size 72x50mm     PRICE GUIDE: £1.00      WRAPPER £10.00


fks003s - Album fks003rs - Wrapper


Printed by: The Berkshire Printing Co. Ltd.

Reading, England


Published by: F.K.S. Publishers Ltd.,

18 Soho Square, London


Footballer 1969-70 (Series 1)

Numbered series of 174 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. Black frame line border to front.

GREEN BACK. Issued in 3 series. Series 1 (1-64). Inscribed on reverse "Football Facts or Football Quiz".

Size 81x56mm   PRICE GUIDE: £1.00

abc056a abc056b

3. Geoff Hurst                                     25. Bobby Moore                                                

69. Alan Stephenson                        114. Martin Peters                                      

abc063 abc065 John Sissons

130. Trevor Brooking                          151. John Sissons                                            

abc067 plus

Black & white, glossy halftones, numbered series of 36 cards. Player captions in BLUE script writing. Borders irregularly cut, issued with "Footballers 1969/70"

Size 70x51mm    PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

6. Martin Peters : Issued with Series 2         18. Bobby Moore : Issued with Series 2         36. Geoff Hurst : Issued with Series 3

A&BC Chewing Gum Co.


Scottish Footballers 1969-70

Numbered series of 75 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. Black frameline to front, BLUE BACK. Issued in 2 series.

Series 1 (1-41),  Series 2 (42-75).  Inscribed on reverse "Football Facts" or "Football Quiz".

Size 81x56mm  PRICE GUIDE £8.00


Acrylic Crest


Series 2 (65-199). Head and shoulder portraits. Black frame line border to front.

GREEN BACK, Inscribed on reverse "Football Facts or Football Quiz".

Size 81x56mm   PRICE GUIDE: £1.00

Series 3 (120-174). Head and shoulder portraits. Black frame line border to front.

GREEN BACK. Inscribed on reverse "Football Facts or Football Quiz".

Size 81x56mm   PRICE GUIDE: £1.00

A&BC Wrapper 69-70 series 1

32. Bobby Ferguson                          60. Harry Redknapp

Series 1 Wrapper

A&BC Wrapper 69-70 series 2

Series 2 Wrapper

Included a Black & white, glossy 'real photograph'. Player captions in BLUE script writing. Borders irregularly cut, with the photograph being numbered between 1 and 18.


Card 6. Martin Peters

Card 18. Bobby Moore

Shown below:

A&BC Wrapper 69-70 series 3

Series 3 Wrapper

Black & white, glossy 'real photograph'. Player captions in BLUE script writing. Borders irregularly cut, with the photograph being numbered between 19 and 36.


Card 36. Geoff Hurst

Shown above:

151. John Sissons (Variation £10.00)

Coffer 1969-70


Large Team Group Poster

EVENING NEWS (Newspaper)

Stars In Action

Black and white series of ?? cards. these plain baced cards were given free with the Evening News Newspaper.

Size: 178x115mm  PRICE GUIDE: £15.00

evnews001 - Geoff Hurst evnews002 - Bobby Moore evnews003 - Martin Peters evnews004 - Billy Bonds evnews005 - Trevor Brooking evnews006 - Harry Redknapp

Every childhood has its special memories, for most boys during the Sixties, Seventies & Eighties one toy stood head and shoulders above the rest and that toy was Action Man. The  action figure boys’ toy was first launched in Britain by the Leicestershire based company Palitoy Ltd in 1966. The movable fighting man was based on the American parent companies version ‘G.I. Joe’ produced by the Hasbro Toy Company. The first figures available to the children of the UK were a soldier, sailor and pilot complete with basic uniforms and dog-tags.


In the early years Action Man competed with the entirely British Tommy Gunn action figure by Pedigree Toys who were also the producers of the Sindy doll for girls.

Palitoy grew out of a plastics firm established by Alfred Pallett in 1919 and went on to become one of Britain's leading toy manufacturers with innovations to the product line which included the flocked hair, gripping hands, and later "Eagle Eyes", until its ultimate closure in 1984.

Action Man with his trademark scar on cheek was developed with primarily British themes fulfilling every role imaginable from soldier to sailor, pilot to explorer, adventurer to sportsman. In 1968 the Sportsman “Famous Football Clubs” range saw our hero kitted out in a West Ham United football strip and came with a collectable tin badge.

In 2006, Hasbro authorised the reproduction of the original West Ham United strip under the “Action Man 40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection” banner.

Action Man 02 FKS 1969-70A

301. Billy Bonds

His liking for overlapping runs prompted the club to give him a couple of outings on the right wing last season. A Charlton Athletic development he moved to West Ham two years ago for a £55,000 fee. Born Woolwich. Ht 6ft Wt 12.1.

302. Ron Boyce

Underpraised tactician in midfield who has suffered in recent seasons with injury. Schoolboy and Youth international who made his senior bow at 17 some nine years ago. Architect of Cup Winers Cup win 1965. Ht 5ft 9in Wt 11.4.

303. Trevor Brooking

Tall, definite type of midfield leader who won schoolboy caps at wing-half. League debut in August 1967 against Burnley. England Youth international and d professional at West Ham since May 1966.

Ht 6ft Wt 12.10.

FKS 1969-70B FKS 1969-70C FKS 1969-70D

304. John Charles

Terrier-like full-back who once captained the club's successful F. A. Youth Cup team in 1963. Was an 18 year old when he made his first League appearance against Blackburn Rovers in May 1963. England Youth cap. Ht 5ft 7in.

Wt 11.5.

305. Bobby Ferguson

Expensive goalkeeping signing from Kilmarnock in May 1967. Gained many honours north of the border including Youth, Scottish League, Under-23 and seven full appearances. Daring and shows fine anticipation.

Ht 5ft l0in. Wt. 11.11.

306. Peter Grotier

A Londoner from Stratford he had his initial senior outings last season and revealed the promising goalkeeping form he has shown in the club's Youth side. Ex-Clapton juniors he has been a professional since March 1968.

Ht 5ft 11in. Wt 12.2.

307. Bobby Howe

Though he signed professional forms in December 1962 has only recently won extended outings in the League side at full-back where he has shown the promise he first revealed with the Youth side in 1963.

Ht 5ft Sin, Wt 11.7.

308. Geoff Hurst

Hit a hat-trick in the World Cup Final for England against West Germany in 1966. Now has 30 caps. Was a ground staff boy before turning professional. Cleaver striker chasing a club post-war scoring record.

Ht 5ft 1 lin. Wt. 12.9.

309. Frank Lampard

Has made a good recovery after breaking a leg in the 1967-68 season. Local product he signed apprentice forms before becoming a full professional in September 1965. Was a Youth international. Plucky full-back.  Ht 5ft l0in. Wt 12.1.

310. Jimmy Lindsay

A Scot with all the traces of scheming ability at inside forward. A Scottish Youth international he was with Glasgow Boys and joined the club as a professional in the summer of 1966 at 17. League bow 1968-69.

Ht 5ft 7in. Wt. 10.2.

311. Bobby Moore

Led England's World Cup triumph in 1966 and was awarded the O.B.E. Last season completed 400 League and Cup appearances. Won a record 18 Youth caps and has 72 full honours too. Cultured, stylish wing-half. Ht 6ft Wt 12.13.

312. Martin Peters

Won his first Under-23 cap the day before his 19th birthday in November 1962. Has 25 full caps and made his League debut v Cardiff City in 1962. Ex-Youth team captain. Unruffled, skilful, invariably midfield.

Ht 6ft Wt 11.10.

313. Harry Redknapp

Fast outside-right with red hair who was on the club's books as an apprentice before turning professional. Was a Youth international and had his initial outings in the League side four seasons ago. Born Poplar.

Ht 5ft l0in. Wt 11.4.

314. John Sissons

An outside left who scored four goals on his England Boys debut. Turned professional in October 1961 and has won Youth and Under-23 honours. Made his League debut in May 1963 at 17. Over 200 senior games.

Ht 5ft. 7in. Wt 10.10.

315. Alan Stephenson

Had made 170 first team appearances for Crystal Palace when West Ham paid £90,000 for him in March 1968. Former Schoolboy cap and now Under-23 international centre-half with good command of the middle.

Ht. 6ft Wt. 12.0.


Star Gallery

Large Black & White portraits by Rex Barlow. Given free with the magazine.

Size 263x195mm  PRICE GUIDE: £5.00


fosu001 Bobby Moore

This example has been Autographed by Bobby Moore and is valued at £300.00

60 Super Strikers

fosu002 Geoff Hurst fosu003 Pennant

Coloured, series of 60 super strikers. Issued in "Football Supporter" magazine as a cut out and keep.

Size 127x65mm  PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

Pennant Collection

Coloured series of football pennants. Issued in "Football Supporter" magazine as a cut out and keep pennant.

Size when cut 251x114mm  PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

A set of 48? postcards produced by Coffer of London. The postcards are numbered P/XXX. The lowest recorded number is101 and the highest is number 148.

Size: 147x105mm   PRICE GUIDE: £10.00



coffer005 coffer006 coffer007 Button WC 1970

The Rover comic was issued by D.C.Thomson of Dundee. Throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's they regularly published colourful photos and sometimes drawings of footballers, or other sportsmen, on the comic cover. Invariably showing 11 footballers per cover, the complete set covers over 700 subjects.  The photos were usually cut out by collectors and have become quite rare.



Rover Comic - Footballers

THE SUN (Newspaper)

Soccer Calendar 1970 : Wallchart

sun005a - Wall Chart

Image courtesy of Alan Jenkins

sun005 - West Ham United sun006 - Badge sun007 - Bobby Moore

Coloured, unnumbered series of 66 paper inserts. Given free by "The Sun" newspaper when a certain number of tokens were collected. Special souvenir wallchart issued to accompany the series.

1970-71 Season


Soccer Stars

First Division Soccer Clubs


Coloured, hand drawn self-adhesive PVC football stickers in the shape of a shield. Unnumbered series of 27? and were probably issued for the 1969-70 season as they comprise the 22 clubs from the First Division from that season.

The additional stickers seem to suggest that they were re-issued again for the 1970-71 season.

north004 - Crest north005 - Soccer Star

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Footballer Peel-off

thom053A - Footballer Peel-off

Mexico World Cup



WM-AFFISCHEN (WM-Poster) 1970

Coloured, series of 40 stickers issued in Sweden. Special album issued to accompany the series

wifo002 - Bobby Moore front wifo002 - Bobby Moore back

28. Bobby Moore (England)

27. Geoff Hurst (England)


Footballer 1969-70 (Series 2)

abc060 abc062 - Billy Bonds

119. Billy Bonds


Real Photographs


Footballer 1969-70 (Series 3)

38. Bobby Ferguson



ipc001 - Bobby Moore stand up front ipc001 - Bobby Moore stand up back ipc001a - Shoot Magazine

Bobby Moore (England)

Stand-up Footballers

Coloured, die-cut stand-up figure of Bobby Moore. Given free with Shoot magazine dated 9th September 1969.

PRICE GUIDE : £25.00

ipc002 - Geoff Hurst Stand up front ipc002 - Geoff Hurst Stand up back

Geoff Hurst (West Ham & England)

thom048f - Bobby Moore thom049 - Bobby Ferguson thom049b - Clyde Best thom049d - Alan Stephenson thom049b - Comic

Rover comic cover courtesy of Jim Donnelly

Bobby Moore

Issue No.2305

Bobby Ferguson

Issue No.2307

Alan Stephenson

Issue No.2338

Clyde Best

Issue No.2330

16. Bobby Moore


1968-69 Season