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1968-69 Season Memorabilia ...

Team Group with Facsmile Autographs

whu6869tg Newham031


Window Sticker

Coloured car window sticker.

Given free with copies of the "Newham Recorder" Newspaper.

Size 296x62mm



Newham033 Newham034

Player Portraits

Coloured unnumbered series of 8 double player portraits. Inscribed on front "Presented with the compliments of the Newham Recorder". These pictures are often found cut into singles.

Size 253x165mm   PRICE GUIDE: £10.00 each

Alan Stephenson : Bobby Moore

Billy Bonds : Brian Dear

Bobby Howe : Martin Peters

Newham035 Newham036 Newham037 Newham038 Newham039

Geoff Hurst : Harry Redknapp

Trevor Brooking : Bobby Ferguson

John Cushley : Frank Lampard

Peter Bennett : John Charles

Ron Boyce : John Sissons

West Ham United Club Shop

spall002 - Bobby Moore


The Spall Ball



abc055 Wrapper

Footballer (Series 1)

Numbered series of 101 cards. Head and Shoulder portraits. YELLOW backs, issued in 2 series. Series 1 (1-54, Series 2 (55-101) Inscribed on reverse "Football Quiz"

Size 81x56mm

13. Martin Peters                              49. Bobby Moore

abc048 abc053

Football Team Pennants

Unnumbered series of 26 team pennants. Anonymous plain adhesive backs.

Issued with "Footballers" Series 1

Size 202x70mm

abc050 abc054

Footballer (Series 2)

Numbered series of 101 cards. Head and Shoulder portraits. YELLOW backs, issued in 2 series. Series 1 (1-54, Series 2 (55-101) Inscribed on reverse "Football Quiz"

Size 81x56mm

64. Alan Stephenson                     89. Billy Bonds                                 100. Geoff Hurst

Football Team Emblems

Unnumbered series of 20 foil emblems. Anonymous plain adhesive backs.

Issued with "Footballers" Series 2

Size 70x50mm

pani003 - ECWC

Calciatori 1968-69 (Italy)


legible001 - Hurst & Moore


Diary page

north001 - Bobby Moore north002 - Geoff Hurst north003 - Martin Peters


First Division Soccer Stars

Northern Trancessories of Leeds produced these self-adhesive PVC football stickers in the shape of a shield.


Round self-adhesive PVC football sticker.

First Division Soccer Clubs

Hand drawn action portrait. Self-adhesive PVC football sticker in the shape of a shield.

north005 - Badges



The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars

FKS Publishers were the first and the most famous football sticker producers of the time. Their first album entitled "A Full Colour Picture Gallery of World Cup Stars" was produced in 1967. Sticker and album production run right through to the 1980’s. "The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars" series ran for most of that time, stickers were printed in Spain with a number of the albums printed in England. Each sticker was designed to be glued along the top edge and placed in the appropriate space within the album, allowing the collector to lift the sticker to view the players pen-picture beneath. As with all stickers between this period they were sold in packets in newsagents and sweet shops across the country.

Coloured, numbered series of 330 player portraits. After the success of the test promotion the season before. Player names, club and biography were added to the reverse. Sold in envelope packets containing seven stamps for 6d. Album issued to accompany the series priced 3s 6d.


Size 72x50mm     PRICE GUIDE: £1.00      WRAPPER £10.00


fks001r - Wrapper fks002s - Album fks002d - Trevor Brooking fks002j - Geoff Hurst


Printed in Spain

Published by: F.K.S. Publishers Ltd.,

18 Soho Square, London

©1968 Editorial FHER, S.A. - Bilbao (España)

305. Trevor Brooking          

penk001 Blue


6 Goal Hurst

1969-70 Season 1967-68 Season


An 8mm film in association with the BBC

fks002k - Bobby Moore back fks002 - Billy Bonds fks002a - Eddie Bovington fks002b - Ron Boyce fks002c - Peter Brabrook

301. Billy Bonds                                      

302. Eddie Bovington                                      

303. Ron Boyce                                      

304. Peter Brabrook                                    

fks002e - John Charles fks002f - John Cushley fks002g - Brian Dear

306. John Charles                                      

307. John Cushley                                    

308. Brian Dear                                

fks002h - Bobby Ferguson fks002k - Bobby Moore fks002m - Martin Peters

309. Bobby Ferguson

310. Geoff Hurst                                      

311. Bobby Moore                                    

312. Martin Peters                              

fks002n - Harry Redknapp fks002p - John Sissons fks002q - Alan Stephenson

313. Harry Redknapp

314. John Sissons                                      

315. Alan Stephenson

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Famous Footballers


thom047g - Comic thom047f John Sissons

John Sissons

Issue 2281 - 15 March 1969

The Rover and Wizard comic was issued by D.C.Thomson of Dundee. Throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's they regularly published colourful photos and sometimes drawings of footballers, or other sportsmen, on the comic cover. Invariably showing 11 footballers per cover, the complete set covers over 700 subjects. The photos were usually cut out by collectors and have now become quite rare.

thom047 - Brian Dear thom047d - Martin Peters thom047b - John Charles thom048 - Geoff Hurst thom048d - Alan Stephenson thom048b - Billy Bonds

Brian Dear

Issue No.2257

John Charles

Issue No.2267

Martin Peters

Issue No.2275

Geoff Hurst

Issue No.2285

Alan Stephenson

Issue No.2291 - 24 May 1969

Billy Bonds

Issue No.2287 - 26 April 1969

thom048c - Comic thom048e - Comic

Rover & Wizard comic covers courtesy of Jim Donnelly

EZQUERRA (Chocolates Vitoria) Spain

Deporte Y Television (Sports & Television)

Unnumbered series of ?? sports and television personalities.


ezqu001 - Bobby Moore ezqu002 - Martin Peters

Bobby Moore - Inglaterra

Martin Peters - Inglaterra

Geoff Hurst - Inglaterra


(Sorry No Image)

Spain flag

Image courtesy of Mark Avenell


Paper Trade (Cut-outs)

asspress002 Bobby Moore asspress003 - Martin Peters