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1946-47 Season Memorabilia ...

Rekords (Sweden)

Coloured, magazine team groups issued in Sweden. Circa 1947


IDROTTSALBUM - Magazine Team Groups


Cater, Bicknell, Walker, Taylor, Forde, Small, Corbett,

Woodgate, Parsons, Payne, Wood, Bainbridge




1947-48 Season 1939-40 Season

Similar "Red" back version issued in 1938

Sphinx Products

Poolette Football Card Game

Black and white, line drawing football playing cards in a series of 52

Reverse printed with a blue symmetrical pattern, rounded corners.

Size 91x60mm    PRICE GUIDE: £3.00

pool002 Poolette Card box

This ‘Sphinx’ vintage football card game comprised 30 general cards including Goalkeeper, International Cap, Home, Away and Draw cards. The remaining 22 cards featured teams from the four divisions of the Football League; Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 North and Division 3 South. The West Ham United Second Division card also depicted Barnsley, Bradford and Nottingham Forest.

The playing rules however were very complicated, first the deck being split into two, players in turn would then arrange matches based on their same Division. The second deck was used to predict the outcome of the matches using a combination based on Trumps and Whist with points being awarded, 20 points for an away win, home win 10 points and a draw 15 points.