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1936-37 Season Memorabilia ...

Ardath Tobacco Co Ltd

Southern Football Teams - Series F

Black and white photograph, numbered series of 110. Series F were additionally issued with RED over print inscribed "Packed with Ardath Kings..." Printed diagonally across the back of the cards.

Size: 80x58mm    PRICE GUIDE: £1.00 - RED over printed version £3.00

81. West Ham United

1937-38 Season 1935-36 Season arda001

Carreras Ltd

Popular Footballers

Coloured, numbered seres of 48 cards. Inscribed on reverse "Issued by Carreras Limited"

Size: 68x36mm    PRICE GUIDE: £1.00  

carr006 Cockroft

Godfrey Phillips Ltd

Famous Footballers / International Caps / Soccer Stars

Coloured, numbered seres of 50 cards. Three printers are recorded, with a slight colour difference and a completely different design on the reverse.

Size: 67x37mm    PRICE GUIDE: £1.00  

46. Joe Cockroft

phgo028 Marshall - International Caps phgo027 Marshall - Famous Footballers phgo029 Marshall Soccer Stars

1. James Marshall

D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd

Adventure Football Stamp Album

Coloured numbered gummed back inserts in a series of 129.

Sheets of stickers were given away with Adventure over a period of four weeks. The album and the first sheet of stickers were included with issue no. 775, dated 5 September, 1936.


Size: Stamps in various shapes and sizes   PRICE GUIDE: Complete Album £30.00 : Individual stamps £1.00

thom020 - Album thom020 - Nicknames thom019 - Club colours