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In 1903, E. Wrench Ltd published a series of head and shoulder portraits of football players on postcards with raised borders.

The player's name and club are recorded on the obverse of the postcard and a series number appears on the reverse. 43 known subjects.

Size 141x91mm    PRICE GUIDE: £??? (Auction Item)

Inscription reads:


"Dear Sir, May I ask you to kindly return this card to above and add your autograph on the other side.

Thanking you in anticipation yrs ffly W.R. Bray.

P.S. I sent you a card on Oct 3 last shall be glad to receive that also".

No.2185 W. BARNES

This Series of postcards appears to be the very first trade issue which features a West Ham United player. The card is autographed and was originally sent c/o E.S. King the West Ham United Manager at his home address.

Sender of the card for Autograph:-

Willie Reginald Bray

Reginald (he hated the name Willie) lived for most of his life in Forest Hill, Kent from birth in 1879 to 1938/9 before moving to Croydon where he eventually passed away in 1939. His lifelong passion was to send items through the post that, in one form or other, challenged the Postal system. He even had himself "delivered" by two postman having paid the requisite postage. After experimenting with a number of postal curios his main focus was on the collection of autographs through the post. He sent out thousands of cards to all types of people, ranging from the Pope to the local Station Master, asking for them to return the relevant item duly autographed.


Between 1899 and 1934 Reginald amassed over 15,000 autographs of celebrities, politicians and sportsmen, declaring himself the "Autograph King" - a title that was undisputed by his peers.

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Albert Craig (2 September 1849 – 8 July 1909)

Albert Craig was commonly known as The Surrey Poet, although he never used the term himself, instead signing his pieces as "A.C. Cricket Rhymester". He would attend cricket and football matches to write verses and short essays describing the players and events, then had them printed on broadsheets and sold to the crowd. His poetry was not renowned for any literary merit but he was a popular and well-known figure, thanks to his good nature and his ready wit.

rhymester rhymester 02 Albert Craig (rhymester)

Albert Craig (rhymester)

Images courtesy of John Northcutt